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Our History

Life Fitness Physical Therapy was founded in 2000 based on the core values of providing the highest level of customer service and clinical excellence in outpatient physical therapy. By staffing our facilities with exceptional therapists and support staff the practice has grown into 14 locations with clinics all around the Baltimore Beltway. We attribute much of our growth over the years to referrals from our patients and physicians who trust our staff and believe in our care.
Therapists at Life Fitness are dedicated to continued learning and advanced practice with an emphasis on manual therapy, exercise prescription, postural re-education, and dynamic biomechanical techniques in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. Our Life Fitness family continues to grow, as we strive to set the bar high in delivering personalized, patient centered, quality outpatient physical therapy. We are ever looking to expand our family; once people come to us, they are our patients for life!
Life Fitness offers a wide range of services to improve the well-being and quality of life of our patients. If it falls between your head and your toes, we treat it!  
Our clinicians are experts in the treatment of orthopedic conditions (including all pain syndromes, pre- and post-surgical care, musculoskeletal injuries and generalized weakness) and neurologic conditions that lead to functional difficulties, as well as disturbances in gait and balance such as vertigo, stroke, MS, or diabetic neuropathy. We have a comprehensive workers' compensation/rehabilitation program and sports injury management program.
We also offer specialized programs in pelvic health, vestibular/vertigo/balance disorders, and pulmonary rehab.

As a consumer, we realize that you have a choice as to where you receive your rehabilitative care, and we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you in your recovery.
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LFPT is focused on improving the quality of life for our patients. We strive to provide individualized, evidence-based care that meets every patient’s unique needs. Our objective for each patient is to restore their function, achieve their goals, and have them resume an active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Our clinics are a place of comfort, where each patient is greeted with a friendly smile and compassionate heart. We pride ourselves on providing a fun, and uplifting atmosphere, energetic environment, and enthusiastic staff.

Our reputable physical therapists are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients through continuing education to promote their own professional growth and the growth of physical therapy as a profession.

Core Values

  • Treat every patient like family
  • Deliver care in a positive atmosphere and with a positive attitude
  • Treat every patient with professionalism, passion, energy, and integrity
  • Deliver care with compassionate hands and challenging exercises
  • Pursue excellence through Continuing Education
  • Deliver a personalized therapeutic experience built on trust and results


  • From Sue P.
  • From Robert D.
  • From Patricia B.
  • Today is my last physical therapy session and I wanted to take this opportunity to share my experience at your Dundalk clinic. At 23 years old, this was the first time I had ever been to physical therapy, so I really did not know what to expect when I walked into the Dundalk clinic nearly four months ago. I had incurred an injury to my right tendon from a workout and was in considerable pain.

    Due to my busy work and class schedules, I was fortunate to have both Zachary Oster and Jason Knicley as my physical therapists during my twice-a-week visits since November. They, along with the entire staff at the Dundalk clinic, made my PT sessions fun, encouraging, and productive. I was amazed with their ability to be attentive to the needs of every patient there and demonstrate the highest form of professionalism, while injecting some playful humor to make PT sessions fun.

    When I started my PT sessions, going up and down stairs guaranteed sharp pain to my right tendon. Walking for an extended period of time was nearly impossible. At first, the exercises were challenging and quite unpleasant to do. But, with guidance and encouragement from Zach and Jason, I grew stronger each week and the pain I experienced slowly but surely faded away.

    Given the results that I was getting from PT and the surprisingly enjoyable time that these sessions became, I looked forward to going to these PT sessions (who would've thought!). I am confident that Life Fitness only hires physical therapists and staff members of the highest caliber, and I trust that you are already aware of the skills and attributes that make Zach and Jason tremendous assets to your company. But I did want to take a moment to share my personal experience and the invaluable assistance and guidance that Zach, Jason, and the entire Dundalk clinic staff provided throughout my recovery.

    Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience with Life Fitness and to commend Zach, Jason, and the entire staff at your Dundalk clinic.

    With appreciation,


  • "I am so thankful for Life Fitness Physical Therapy! Your staff from day one have been so helpful and professional! The friendliness, kindness and caring are an integral part of the care I've received. I know almost all of the staff by name because they made it a point to know me by name! Carrie my primary therapist is the awesome! We've dubbed her "CIA Carrie Is Awesome!" Christy and Jeanine are the welcoming committee! Karen, Dwayne, Carmen, Lauren, Xian, Jess, Kate, Ryan, Peter, Aaron, Katie, Amber, and Grace provide outstanding therapy and support. My treatment and recovery are finally yielding the desired results after three years of going to other providers who were not as thorough. I'm sure there are many other patients that feel the same!
    #I Love Life Fitness Physical Therapy!
    #I Love My Life Fitness Physical Therapist!
    #I Am Life Fitness Physical Therapy!
    Thank you"

    Gabriel T.

  • Hi Karyn -
    Thought you'd appreciate knowing I finished my first race since freshman year high school! Thanks to you and the team at Life Fitness, I've been doing all the strengthening exercises you guys taught me and am happy to report that I've had no foot, IT band, or knee issues AT ALL!!!
    A special thanks to you for all of your "coaching" on distance running techniques during our PT sessions (-you probably thought I was asking all those questions just for the fun of it...). Now that I have 10 miles behind me (-the farthest I've ever run), I'm going to sign up for the Navy Half in September and may even give serious consideration to a full marathon next year -something that I mentally could never conceive of doing before.
    Thanks again to everyone at LIFE FITNESS. YOU GUYS & GALS ROCK!!!!!!!
    Howard Wilson