Cardio Pulmonary Physical Therapy

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In January 2013, LFPT partnered with In Balance Physical Therapy ( We are very excited about the partnership, as In-balance PT is the market leader in Baltimore for pelvic health, pulmonary rehab and vestibular therapy. This partnership will allow LFPT to provide these services in multiple locations over the coming weeks, months and years starting with our Westminster location. We also have custom niche programs for patients with vertigo/balance disorders and cancer-related fatigue. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Our multidisciplinary team of licensed Physical Therapists and Respiratory Therapists will work with you to develop a treatment plan based on your individual needs. Cardiopulmonary PT combines exercise training with education. Chest PT and postural drainage techniques control symptoms and ease daily activities and breathing. People with the following diagnoses can benefit from our program:

  • COPD
  • Emphysema
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Bronchitis
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Pre/Post Thoracotomy
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Thoracic Cage Abnormalities
  • Lung Cancer
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Lung Transplant

***Please note: If you currently use oxygen, that does not prevent you from participating in our program. We have on-site oxygen available for your use when you are in our clinic at no extra charge to you.

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